Our Core Values

Passionate Worship

We desire to intensely pursue a great GOD with our whole being and ignite a passion for worship. Our goal is to create an atmosphere that engages all to join us in that pursuit.

Value of all people

We recognize ALL people are highly valued and we are God’s most treasured creation. We strive to see everyone GROW in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Next Generation Focused

We wholeheartedly believe in the next generation! We are committed to help them reach their full potential in Christ by engaging them in Small Group, prayer, empowering them to serve, and grow their leadership skills.

Grounded on the Word

The Bible is alive and our source for living life as a devoted follower of Christ. We are committed to helping every believer develop the disciplines of reading, studying and applying God’s word.

Embracing Change

We are passionate about making disciples of Christ. The culture around us is ever changing. For us to be effective at making disciples, our methods will continue to evolve. Our message will never change.

Authentic Relationships

We don’t want to do life alone. Therefore, we are committed to growing healthy relationships. We do this through Sunday Worship experiences & small groups that meet regularly for fellowship, bible study & prayer.


We strive for excellence!! Excellence is doing things to the best of our ability in every aspect of our life. We are always seeking opportunities to grow our God given talent.


We rejoice that we get to give and manage God’s resources. We embrace generosity. Giving reflects the heart of Christ and helps grow God’s kingdom.

Prayer Driven

The lifeline of our ministry is prayer. It’s how we pursue God and receive his supernatural help. A prayer less church is a powerless church.

Discipleship Oriented

The goal of every Christ follower is to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus. Our greatest desire is to invest in others to see them thrive in their relationship in Christ.

Exist to Serve

We want to passionately serve Christ by discovering and utilizing the gifts He has given us. We recognize that when we all serve with dedication, we look a lot like Jesus, and the church thrives.

We are passionate about our VALUES!
We would also love to share with you our full Declaration of Faith.